Why we chose the product

After looking at all the platforms available we chose to go with Versifloat for ease of setting up. No cumbersome planks to worry about for rigidity and it was priced right compared to others.

We chose the Jet Ski Dock about a month after using the Work Raft. We have a very odd-shaped swim platform and in my experiences guests always have a hard time bringing jet skis back to the yacht, whether they come in too fast or cannot figure out the reverse lever. The result of guests’ poor driving usually results in scratches on the hull as well as the potential for injuries. Using this raft it gives guests something to aim towards and allows them to drive straight into a perfect width "soft" slip where they can safely board and de-board.

How we got hold of the product

We got a hold of the Versifloat Raft through National Marine Suppliers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They provided literature to us for all the options available through various companies and based on cost and construction we chose Versifloat.

We got a hold of the Jet Ski Dock straight through the company’s owner Gerard d’Offay. He saw my deck crew using the Work Raft at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and asked how we liked it. After saying how much we loved the Raft he told us about the Jet Ski Dock. We allowed Gerard to inflate the Dock and keep it on display next to our yacht for the show's entirety and in return he gave us an extraordinary price on it so that we could demonstrate it for the Caribbean season.

Ease of use and installation

The Versifloat Raft is super easy to use. We opted for the three-chamber platform so just in case it were to get punctured it would still float and not completely deflate, which we thought was a very good idea. The float is light enough that one crewmember can inflate and deflate it and the whole process takes only a matter of minutes.

The Jet Ski Dock is a bit heavier. Definitely a two-crewmember job to have it moved to where it’s needed. Inflation takes about 10 minutes. It’s very important to reach the desired pressure to ensure that the dock is very firm for stability when guests and crew walk on it.

Would we recommend it?

Absolutely to both the Work Raft and Jet Ski Dock. We had our Dock in the water with our jet skis for the Antigua Charter Yacht show and can't tell you how many crew stopped to ask about it. They are great products, priced extremely well, and the owner Gerard is great to deal with and aims to please everyone with his products. He also warrantied a couple of small issues we had without a question. Great owner, great company, great product.

The Versifloat Raft and Jet Ski Dock were supplied to Lady Linda by National Marine Suppliers.

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