Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH) has announced its collaboration with Auro Technologies and California Audio Technology (CAT) to deliver new developments in its on-board cinema systems.

Through its collaboration with Auro Technologies, VBH has launched its latest three-dimensional sound technology called Auro-3D, specifically designed for the superyacht sector. "Surround sound systems have been around for many years, but the developers at Belgium-based Auro Technologies have combined new digital recording techniques with innovations that deliver a substantially more realistic and immersive experience," VBH revealed in a statement. "Listeners will enjoy a much greater sound stage, depth of sound, accuracy, and a significantly larger listening area"

The installation of Auro-3D involves the fitting of speakers at three levels – lower (ear level), height (near the ceiling 30 degrees above ear-level), and top (in the ceiling) – for a wrap-around effect. Here, VBH is working with CAT to offer speakers which can be made to match interior design requirements.

CAT speakers are custom made and can be built to any shape or size, and in any colour or material, allowing a yacht’s interior design team to specify their appearance. The core components are all made from metal, enabling them to reach high power levels. The use of titanium and aluminium, as well as carbon fibre in certain areas, delivers increased strength, heat dissipation, accuracy, and power handling, while greatly reducing weight.

“By bringing together CAT speakers and Auro-3D technology, VBH can integrate, install and on site calibrate an audio/video experience that is simply unprecedented without the need to compromise on the elegance and style of the yacht,” says Susanne Mensink, commercial director at VBH. “We continually evaluate and implement the latest technologies that are available to enhance the pleasure and comfort of yacht owners and their guests. This combination represents the pinnacle of sonic realism in an audio/video environment.”

The latest advancements in AV and IT systems on board will be being discussed at SuperyachtDESIGN Week, being held 24-26 June at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Please contact Suzie Hine on or phone her on +44 207 801 1014 to discuss attendance.

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