Valvtect’s BioGuard Plus 6 is a marine diesel fuel additive containing a biocide that prevents the formulation of bacterial colonies that cause damage to engine components and reduces smoke and soot emissions by increasing the combustion quality of the fuel. Valvtect also claims the additive’s composition can ‘double fuel filter life, stabilise diesel up to two years, lubricate injectors and fuel pumps, and clean up injector deposits’.

The product’s appeal, says a statement to the media is that ‘it eliminates the need to purchase and store multiple products such as biocide, stabiliser, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and injector detergent’. This also serves to enhance the efficacy of application, circumventing confusion around multiple blend ratios.

BioGuard Plus 6 is recommended for all types of diesel fuel, including ultra-low sulphur fuel and biodiesel blends.

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