U-Boat Worx currently has four units of its newest model, the C-Explorer 3 under construction. Each unit takes around seven months from construction through to delivery, and there are already plans to begin work on another four models in August.

Speaking exclusively to SuperyachtNews.com, international sales manager, Harley O’Neill said the new design “looks like an underwater Ferrari”. “In technology terms it’s about as advanced as you can get without flying”, O’Neill added.

The C-Explorer 3 offers its guests panoramic views from the redesigned spherical dome. It also features inflatable ballasts, as opposed to hard ballasts, which O’Neill says can reduce the sub’s footprint by 2m. Furthermore, the team has developed a lithium ion battery that has extended the amount of dive time on a single charge to 12 hours, with a full recharge taking just six hours. But O’Neill says the product’s crowning design feature is its single point lifting mechanism, which makes the sub easier to deploy and opens up the possibility of its carriage on board smaller superyachts.

What O’Neill says sets U-Boat Worx apart is the standardisation of the product, through its own production line. This means the subs are ‘one-size fits all’, which reduces the delivery time, something that enabled the company to build the first four models on-spec, subsequently selling them all during construction.

“This model can fit on board a smaller yacht and it can be integrated into the package much easier”, he explains. “And because we’ve already sold the first four, we can really hit the shows hard and promote the new product.”

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