Last fall, Transas announced it would be integrating FarSounder navigation sonars into their Navi-Sailor 4000 MFD Series ECDIS/ECS products. Since then, the FarSounder and Transas teams have been hard at work making the integration seamless and elegant. The launch of the first vessel with the new integration and demonstrations (including FarSounder sonar data) of the Transas bridge systems at SMM, MYS and Fort Lauderdale have created a lot of interest in our integrated systems.

The basic organisation of the integration is simple. The FarSounder sonar hardware connects to the standard FarSounder software running as a stand alone server. FarSounder's server software accepts connections from other clients via a standard ethernet connection. The Transas software development team used FarSounder's Software Developer Kit to implement a sonar client inside the Navi-Sailor 4000 MFD software. The Transas system serves as the primary interface to the FarSounder sonar and includes various sonar displays as well as control capabilities. Generally, the display of the FarSounder server is connected to one of the bridge console displays via a KVM switch or video matrix. However, this display is only needed for installation and maintenance.

The Transas system includes the following FarSounder forward looking sonar display capabilities:

    Chart Overlay inside the main ECDIS/ECS display
    3D Sonar Display inside the primary conning display
    3D sonar data inside their Augmented Reality Display

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