In March 2015 Quadrofoil launched Q2S, the limited edition first model of its new quadrofoil range. The Q2S is a two-person, electric hydrofoil and is considered to be one of the must have superyacht toys of this year. With an all-electric outboard motor it complies with the strictest noise and fuel pollution standards.

Quadrofoil technology is not a new concept in the maritime industry, but this is the first time the technology has become commercially available in an environmentally friendly and luxury recreational capacity. Using a 10Kwh battery and a QE 5.5Kw motor the Q2S is capable of reaching speeds up to 21 knots and travelling 100km on a single charge.

Q2S has been designed to be user friendly, intuitive and lightweight. The steering wheel has an integrated touch screen display that keeps you informed about battery power, range, speed and consumption as well as doubling up as a detachable key. A patented integrated steering system makes the steering responsive and stops the vessel from drifting as well as working as a stabilisation system, the tandem seating arrangement and a centre of roll 8m above the vessel also aid stabilisation.

The lightweight composite hull gives a total weight of 100kg, making it easy to handle and store. An anti-collision system absorbs shock to reduce impact damage and ensures heightened passenger and vehicle safety, while its shallow draft makes it ideal for coves and lakes as well as the open ocean.


In the second quarter of 2015 Quadrofoil will be launching Q2A, the second model in its electric hydrofoil range. Sharing most of its traits with the Q2S predecessor, the Q2A only differs in terms of colour and performance. Q2A will be able to reach a top speed of 16 knots and have a range of 50km with its smaller batteries and motor.

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