For the interior, one of the products I love is the Guardsman Ultimate Duster. It’s an American product that I first used on a charter yacht in Florida.

It’s yellow and sticky and picks everything up in just one wipe – like it says it does. I’ve tried others with similar claims and none even come close – often just moving the dust around or unsettling it into the air.

Back in Europe I found only one place that stock them - Freedom Marine in Antibes.

They were great on a yacht where we had dogs on board. We just attached them to the bottom of the Swiffer mop and a quick sweep over the floor picked up all the hair.

You can cold wash them and re-use them but I find them not as good each time they are washed. The only downside is they are a bit costly, so we mostly save them for when guest are on board to cut cleaning time.

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