The field of dreams: from dirt to galley in 24 hours

Times are constantly changing in the food world and we are always looking for a way to raise the bar and add healthy, sustainable, organic nutrients to our food as well as create mouth-watering dishes with exceptional plate presentations. We are constantly competing with three-star Michelin restaurants and even if you’re not a micro-green or flower kind of chef, you are still always trying to hunt down the best produce that arrives at your galley with no fuss.

My number one farm that delivers from dirt to galley in 24 hours is The Chef’s Garden. They are a family-run farm from Huron, Ohio that is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to flavor profiling. Moreover, they are always pushing the bar when it comes to sustainability and proper farming methods., never missing a beat to give back to the community or to make a donation for a special cause.

Their small bites are perfect for yachting; six different micro greens in one small package. So even if you are on a small yacht you will have room for it.

They don’t pick your items until you place an order. The Chef’s Garden isn’t like those other farms or companies out there that produce for the masses. This is a boutique, luxury farm that caters to your needs and uses every eco-friendly method to ensure the flavour and quality is always there.

In my opinion they are the example of what every farm should be like. Some of their products, to name a few such as red ribbon sorrel, Egyptian star flower, blueberry cheesecake violas, mini candy stripe beets, ninja or lime radishes, Peter Wilcox mini potatoes, assortment of lettuces, mini baby squash and toy box tomatoes are to die for when it comes to flavor, size, functionality and eye appeal.

Their small bites are perfect for yachting; six different micro greens in one small package. So even if you are on a small yacht you will have room for it. You will not find that type of flavor profile and freshness anywhere.

My orders come in so fresh that, hands down, they last a seven to 10 day charter with no problems and still look like they just came into the galley. You need to make sure some items don’t get too cold and moisture doesn’t build up, but they are without a doubt the longest lasting fresh items I’ve ever used in a decade of yachting.

They work very closely with any yacht provisioning company of your choice.

Speaking to one of their product specialists in person is, in my opinion, always the way to go, and then hand it over to your provisioning company if you wish. Take Mary Jones as an example. She is my product specialist; she always knows what’s in season, what’s about to come out of the ground and always takes the best care of my orders, never missing a beat. Her communication with FedEx or any provisioning company I use is always on point. She cares about the entire process and doesn’t stop until she knows I have my order in my hands. I call her my superstar. It’s this type of positive, relentless service, hospitality and relationship that I am looking for when doing business with anyone. They can ship to just about anywhere, so it doesn’t matter where your yacht is anchored or docked.

To be honest, I couldn’t survive doing a charter or a boss trip without them. From their products, packaging and shelf life you can never go wrong.

If you are lucky enough to meet Farmer Lee Jones, his family and the people who work on this farm in person, you will hands down think you have died and gone to heaven. The Chef’s Garden is truly the field of dreams. Next time you’re looking to kick up your galley flavors and presentations and blow your charter guest out of the water, this is the farm you need to be doing business with.

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