Celebrated Venetian fabric house Rubelli is a company that embodies the kind of sumptuous luxury that you would associate with historic brands. With a history spanning over 170 years, it has always produced hand-made textiles using traditional techniques as well as highly sophisticated materials. The family-run business has now branched into wall coverings, but in true Rubelli style, has taken them to the next level.

Vendramin Wall

“We wanted to do something different but stay faithful to the Rubelli brand,” Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli, CEO of Rubelli explains. The new 10-piece collection translates several of Rubelli’s iconic fabric designs into wall coverings. Unlike most wall coverings, Rubelli’s collection, The Walls of Venice, really capture the look and feel of its textiles the intricacy, the sheen, the softness. However unlike actual walls just covered in fabric, each covering is especially designed to be resistant, washable and easy to care for. Rubelli explains that the company continually challenges Italian printers to find new technical processes to achieve the desired looks and feels of the prints. “A lot of technical research has gone into them,” says Rubelli. “For example, for the Lacca Wall design we have achieved the look of a hand lacquered surface. It was very difficult to pull off but we like a challenge.” This particular wall covering is printed on a metallic base but most of the others are on a vinyl base.

Superwong Wall

The level of complexity and attention to detail is high on all of the collection. Vendramin Wall is a reproduction of the velvet fabric of the same name, for example, and takes its design from a historical document in the Rubelli archive. “We wanted to achieve a velvet wall not an easy task,” says Rubelli. This wall covering is the result of a flock-on-flock printing technique that allows for the imitation of the typical 3D appearance of Venetian two-height velvet. Similarly technical, Reticolo Wall used an embossing cylinder to obtain the marked raised effect that features on the fabric version.

San Marco Wall

Other designs include San Marco Wall, a reproduction of the pure silk damask that has been a part of the Rubelli collection for many decades, and Superwong, a flock print that uses a printing process to bond a soft pile to the surface to give it the same look as the original flocked satin textile.

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