ITALY, Milan. Renowned as the ‘star maker’, Ottavio Fabbri is an artistic polymath, turning his hand to conceptual art, directing, sculpting, textiles and painting at will, he has also turned his attention to the world of superyachts citing the duality of the sea and the sky as his inspiration.

Ottavio was born into a world of art, his mother was a painter and art dealer and his father, Dino Fabbri, cofounded the Fratelli Fabbri Editori publishing house. Surrounded by arts of every median, by the age of five his artistic aptitude was acknowledged when he developed a talent for identifying genuine paintings. However, it is his predilection for the night sky on which his reputation amplified.

Ottavio Fabbri

“The cosmic worlds of Fabbri’s paintings are not idyll, but should rather be defined as wild, untamed, heroic,” said Gerhard Kolberg former director of modern art at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Fabbri’s depictions of the cosmos are so vivid and reminiscent of his subject matter that the European Space Agency has granted him a lifetime sponsorship.

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut and the second man ever to walk on the moon said of Fabbri’s work, “I have already seen Fabbri’s paintings in space. Ottavio Fabbri is a man and artist of the Italian Renaissance. The new Renaissance, the cosmic one.”

Sea Force One

Already having graced the walls of some of the world’s most renowned exhibitions and private collections, Fabbri’s works now adorn superyachts the world over. As with all things superyacht a certain degree of secrecy and discretion denies all the projects from becoming public knowledge. However, the owner of Sea Force One, the 53m Mariotti yacht, has allowed images to be taken and information to be released.

The walls of Sea Force One’s master suite are covered in one Fabbri’s characteristic nightscapes, complemented by lighting from Grandi Architecture & Partners – the two have now worked on a number of projects together. When the sun goes down the walls of the master suite are transformed into an awe inspiring cosmic visage, even replicating the gentle glow of the stars using phosphorescent paint. The paint absorbs energy from the sun during the day and then softly glows for a number of hours during the night.

Fabbri explains, ““The stars have always fascinated me, as they are part of every culture and can be seen and experienced by every human. My work is exhibited on yachts worldwide; the synergy is clear between the sky and the sea. I have even painted directly on to ceilings, creating bespoke murals which form a truly unique and personal experience of the night sky”.

As well as producing cosmic masterpieces Fabbri also creates bespoke fur blankets using chinchilla or female mink in a variety of colours. All blankets are handmade and showcase the same love of the night sky, but in this instance the stars find expression in fine silks and 5.5. karat Swarovski crystals rather than brush strokes.

Ottavio Fabbri Rug

“I want my worlds to shout the joy of the creation, the viewers obliged to close their eyes, dazzled by the light of the canvas. Only the perfume of the flowers of the universe confuses the senses for a moment of infinity.” Ottavio Fabbri

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