BoatBook, an automatic log book app launched in October 2015, offers the ability for those on board to interact with relevant commercial infrastructure. The free app is not yet being used on superyachts, although has 100,000 users worldwide, but there’s one feature in particular that we think could be quite fun for yacht crew.

The ‘sailing log’ aspect of BoatBook allows crewmembers to track their movements. Imagine your Nike+ running app, but on water. BoatBook gives you the opportunity to track your movements from the Med to the Caribbean and on your various charters. Something fun to show family and friends the next time you see them, perhaps, or something to share with other colleagues using the same app.

Of course, the sailing log facet of the app should not be used as a replacement for calculating sea time, nor should it be used outside of your yacht’s privacy policy. But, otherwise, it might be a bit of fun, especially during the busy charter season to see how many miles you’ve clocked up and a physical map of where you’ve been.

The function of BoatBook is two-fold: an automatic log book and a way of interacting with shoreside vendors and, as mentioned, has not yet been used in the superyacht industry. If you’d be keen to give BoatBook a go and write a review for The Crew Report, please get in touch with editor Lulu Trask at

Visit the BoatBook website.

Download the BoatBook app for iPhone.


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