Issue 73 of The Crew Report is here and available to download now, and has been published just in time for the summer season, providing educational content for crew as they prepare for their busiest time of year.

In 2015 the industry has focused heavily on captains as mentors, and in issue 73 we have brought these mentors to you. Captain Paul Bickley of M/Y Latitude discusses how to deal with the paparazzi, while five captains share their thoughts on with which industry professionals captains should be building better relationships, whether this be fellow captains, junior crew, brokers or managers. The Superyacht Report editor Will Mathieson also reports from Italy, and reveals why captains heave a heavy sigh at the thought of undertaking logistical work in Italy.

Our interviews in this issue include Captain Yusuf Kalmaz of S/Y Regina, who talks about having an all-Turkish crew and what it was like working with a film set during the filming of the James Bond film Skyfall, as well as Captain Maria Grazia Franco of M/Y Mariu, who talks about her transition from cruise ships to superyachts and what the two industries can learn from each other.

We continue the focus on captains and look at two captains’ associations – the ItalianYachtMasters and the Yacht Captains Association – about what they have achieved in their three years on the map and what they offer captains respectively and collectively.
Attitude of crew is also a discussion topic in this issue. In her introduction, editor Lulu Trask challenges the way the industry perceives dockwalkers and dayworkers, while Joey Meen of the PYA asks crew of all levels to change the way they think about theirs career and positions in this industry.

Captain Maria Grazia Franco of M/Y Mariu explains what we can learn from the cruise-ship industry

Money is another focus of this issue, and we hear from Mark Bononi of MHG Insurance Brokers about why crew need to understand exactly what they’re covered for and the pitfalls of leaving coverage to the last minute, while Lulu Trask looks at the problems surrounding today’s tipping culture and whether there are better ways of incentivising crew to perform stand-out service.

When it comes to training, our focus lies with the new PYA and RYA Superyacht Tender Operators course. We speak to the instructors, students and those behind its creation, and point out its pros and cons. We also look at how the training industry is coping with the new ECDIS STCW requirements that all officers must have the relevant training, and hear from Transas’ Dennis Thielsen about how crew should interact with each other to learn even more during the training.

Captain Yusuf Kalmaz talks about working with a full-time yacht crew and film crew on board S/Y Regina

As the industry grows, supply and demand issues are also a point of focus in this issue. Engineers share their thoughts on how we can recruit new blood to the industry, while a first officer asks whether we will have enough captains to man the influx of yachts that will be delivered over the coming years, and the knock-on effects this could cause for crew.
Maritn H. Redmayne closes this issue by looking at the demands placed upon crewmembers working on a new-build approaching delivery, and the immense pressure they are under – something crew must prepare for over the next few years.

The front cover of this issue is the first to showcase a winning photo from our photo competition, taken by Andrew Wright. Find out more about the competition and how you can enter and have your photo on the next front cover here.

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