Chilli Island, built for two people is an  innovative, modern take on the traditional pedal boat and provides a luxurious alternative to the lilo or floating platform.

Three adjustable shades in the shape of palm leaves provide ample and customisable protection from the sun. With 360 degree configuration as much or as little shade as the user desires is possible – and if the angle of the sun is far from optimal, you can change the position of the island using the on board controls.

Utlising a 0.5kW (basic model) or a 1kW (premium model) electric motor, the Chilli Island is capable of reaching speeds of 6-7km/h. A fibreglass body atop a stainless steel frame creates an overall mass of 120kg (excluding batteries) and contributes greatly towards the stability and comfort of the on board experience. Two AGM Deep Cycle batteries with 300Ah ensure a total runtime of approximately 6 hours – depending on speeds and distances travelled – batteries require 8 hours to charge. 

The individual reclining areas are made of a quick dry material and designed ergonomically to fit the natural resting contours of the human body for additional comfort and to provide slide in access to the water. A submerged ladder and grip bar allow for ease of boarding.

On board entertainment consists of a 150-watt radio transmitter and Bluetooth sound system that connects to all major devices. The premium model also contains 5 bottle coolers that ensure you remain suitably hydrated.

The Chilli Island is also available in a number of branding and customisable colour options. Options include all RAL colours or company specific logos.

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