The folding chair

UK, London. Tim Gosling, the principal designer and founder of furniture specialist Gosling, has launched a new marine-specific collection called Gosling Marine. The latest range has been developed for use on the exterior deck and is made from carbon fibre and features teak detailing. The collection aims to provide a wider choice of furniture for this area of the superyacht, as Gosling believes that, in contrast to the interior, the choice of suitable exterior furniture is limited.

A teak finish adds warmth and an element of tradition to the collection

“Carbon fibre allows you to design and create pieces that would normally have to be much thicker and heavier,” explains the English designer. “Rather like the leap forward in the technical ability to make steam bent and laminate furniture at the turn of the 19th-century, carbon fibre allows you to create unusual shapes.”

The lounge chair

Known for its high quality and bespoke furniture, Gosling is no stranger to the superyacht industry having supplied yachts before. However, as Tim reveals, the decision to offer a luxury marine-specific collection came from the desire to experiment with a new material that would work well on deck. “The idea of using carbon fibre was the main attraction for us in developing this collection. I have always been led by craftsmanship and the idea that boundaries can be broken. It’s a wonderful dialogue between the artisan and the designer.”

The low table

As with its existing range, Gosling Marine will be manufactured in the UK using traditional cabinet making techniques. The collection is comprised of a stool and bar stool, deck lounger, dining chair and table, folding chair, lounge chair, tub chair, low table, side table, and a sofa. Thanks to the lightweight nature of carbon fibre, pieces are easier to reposition for crew than more traditional deck furniture. Additionally, the collapsible design of the folding chair, which closes in a similar manner to the folding director’s chair by John Munford Design, makes it easy to store these pieces when not in use. Each chair is supplied with upholstered day and evening cushions, along with a robust cloth carrier for safe and easy transport of the furniture when going ashore.

The folding chair when collapsed

While the collection is presented in white, any piece can be customised to a specific colour. The combination of teak, carbon fibre and stainless steel spring boxes (in the case of the folding chair), dressed with plump, cushions, ensure that this range is luxurious and stylish while also practical.

The tub chair

“My favourite piece in this collection has to be the tub chair design,” concludes Tim. “Its fluidity, the deco inspiration and the sheer elegance that in part reflects luxury travel of the 1930s. Also, the fact it is white, gives it a really contemporary twist.”

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