NeverWet is a durable liquid repelling treatment which prevents water, mud and ice from sticking to multiple surfaces. has tested the sprays out on concrete, metal and wood, but the manufacturers claim that it can also be used effectively on aluminium, PVC, fibreglass, canvas and most plastics. This makes it a useful tool for superyacht crew to use on the interior and exterior of their yacht on fabric, leather and canvas.

The NeverWet set comes with two different application sprays, a base coat and a top coat, and with clear and useful instructions. When sprayed on material, the product sprays clear but dries to a flat frosted finish. While the finish is almost transparent, the spray does leave a slight chalky feel which some crew may not wish to have on expensive fabric. However, this point is outshined by the fact that, once the treatment has dried, it has the ability to effectively repel any liquid. All liquids that we tried just rolled off the surface without absorbing into the materials.

The only downside to the product is that it is does not last if exposed to extreme elements. The manufacturers advise that the cleaning of treated surfaces should be performed using low pressure water spray from a typical garden hose. Surfaces will demonstrate self cleaning properties and will remain completely dry. They also suggest that treated surfaces should never be scrubbed with brushes or abrasive cleaners and will lose superhydrophobic properties if exposed to detergents, soap, solvents or high pressure water, which means that if any thorough cleaning is undertaken on the surface, crew will have to remember to reapply. Excessive handling of treated materials with bare hands can also cause a reduction in performance.

Overall, the NeverWet spray seems to be a good precautionary treatment for crew to use on board to reduce the risk of staining expensive fabrics.

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