Pixel - Rose Cage

At Decorex International 2015, leading contemporary rug brand Stepevi will present its new Pixel collection as well as Mimosa, the first series of rugs from the Ivy collection.

Pixel - Rose

Pixel is inspired by the city of Isparta in which Stepevi’s rugs are made. Isparta, the ‘City of Roses’, is a city in western Turkey renowned for its roses and carpet making. Stepevi’s new Pixel collection showcases both of these themes and represents them in a distinctly contemporary manner. A simple rose design is transformed into an abstract pattern created by pixelating and enlarging an original drawing. The resulting design is a simplified, geometric reimagining of the classic rose silhouette. The Pixel collection is woven from viscose yarn creating a multi-layered effect.

Ivy - Mimosa 01

The Mimosa rugs are a set of three designs, each with unique colour pallets and inspired by the Mimosa blossoms from which they get their name. The Mimosa series is woven from silk that has been created with natural silk yarn.

Ivy - Mimosa 02

Mimosa is produced using a unique weaving technique that creates a relief embossed surface, highlighting the carpet’s design. The surface is then finalised with an uninterrupted over-tufting on the design with the newly created Ivy pattern, which gives the collection its name.

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