UK, London. Underwater Lights, a British lighting manufacturer, is continuing to prove popular within the refit sector for deck and underwater lighting with its most recent project at Ursa Shipyards in Turkey, II Vagabond, having been fitted with Qt LED 75 underwater lights.

The high levels of illumination, ease of installation and modular design makes this LED light range a choice for both large shipyards and individual customers alike. As with the Qt LED 130, the Qt LED 75 offers 9600 lumens and a lifespan of 40,000 hours, which are important fac tors for lights in a marine environment. The unique lens collects and focuses the light from the LED chip into an 87-degree light beam. The same LED chip is fitted to the Qt LED 130, which is specifically designed for use on composite (G.R.P and carbon fibre) hulls.

The Qt LED has been designed to fit past and present Lloyds approved inserts, allowing the Bulleyt and UL Ti MATE metal halide lights to be changed to LED with ease. Further to this, maintenance and replacement of Qt LED 75 and 130 lights can be carried out from inside the hull.

The Qt LED range of lights was displayed at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2013 and will be on display at the upcoming METS Marine show.

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