V-Technology Innovators, the Dutch mechanical systems and turnkey production automation specialist, has created three products that provide simple solutions to common on board problems. V-Technology has produced a rotating sunbed and a rotating awning system suitable for sunbeds and Jacuzzis as well as a one-man tender launch system.

The rotating sunbed can be commissioned in customisable fabrics that are suited to any individual superyacht. Controlled via iPhone, iPad, Android, a variety of other platforms and by remote control, the V-Technology sunbed configuration is highly versatile in regards to comfort and position relative to the sun. The sunbed platforms are made from Burma teak; to maintain a consistent appearance it is advised that the shipyard responsible for the yacht decking in question provides the teak. Automation allows the sunbeds to follow the path of the sun without user interference for optimal usage.

Marine grade stainless steel is used throughout the sunbed and awning systems to ensure they stand the tests of a trying environment. The awning can be applied above Jacuzzis, stationary and rotating sunbeds and includes customisable material options to suit the particular superyacht pallet.

Awning and Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis are almost always located on sundecks, and as the name suggests they are at the mercy of the elements. Like the sunbed, an automatic 360-degree configuration system is applicable. However, using the same technology, the awning protects users from the sun rather optimising its affects, a stationary version is also available. When winds get too strong the awning automatically folds down to protect itself and the yacht from damage, this feature means the Jacuzzi or sunbeds can be used without the awning affecting the natural conditions. This product can be fitted with various audio options, LED lighting and mist systems.

V-Technology’s tender launch systems are almost entirely custom due to the varying nature of lazarettes and tender docks. What they all have in common is the ability to remain flush to floor, enabling the interior area to double up as a beach club post-launch. Docking stations can be positioned to the sides of the vessel or in the transom.

Tender launch system

The reasons for employing such a system are varied, but the key benefits are saving on manpower; the V-Technology tender launch can be operated by a single crewmember. Secondly they save space as cranes require a lot of excess room to operate efficiently. Depending on the size and weight of the tender the system can be entirely electrical or may utilise hydraulics for larger vessels.

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