UK, London. Samuel & Sons is welcoming the return of spring with three new luxury passementarie collections; The Palais, Seychelles and Labyrinth collections. Palais is a celebration of grandeur, Seychelles takes inspiration from the nature of its namesake, and Labyrinth breathes contemporary life into the Ancient Greek myth of the Minotaurs maze.


Inspired by 17th Century France, Palais features silk covered flowers, jasmine hangers, jacquard braids and hand-tied silk tassel fringes. A rang of tassels are also available, including a single tassel tieback which features coil edged leaves and petals, as well as cascading silk guipure floral jasmines. It is complimented by the double tassel tieback which boasts a mould embellished with a crisscross of guipures and a skirt embellished with hangers of tassels.


Using the sea as its guide the Seychelles collection mirrors the waves and the impressions they leave in the sand. Seychelles comprises of wood bead fringes, borders and gimps, all of which feature woven cotton, a fabric indigenous to the area. There are two wood-beaded fringes available in the range; a 2 inch border and 0.5 inch gimp. The first of the wood bead fringes is a slender, satin glazed teardrop and the second is satin glazed globes.


In Greek mythology the labyrinth was an elaborate maze structure built to hold the Minotaur. Clean and graphic in its rendering, this design is created through a series of raised satin stitches which sit above a refined ground.

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