Philipp Leithold, the head of service on a 96m motoryacht, reviews the interior management solutions app CRYSTAL, by Interior Management Solutions. The app has been set up by ex-chief stewardess Margarita Amam, with a view to offer ongoing on-board training and support for interior crew.

How would you describe the app in a few words?
It is an innovation that will revolutionise the yachting industry. I haven’t seen anything like that, especially not in such an advanced and professional way. The price of the product is incomparable to its real value considering its functions and future releases.
IS CRYSTAL easy to use?
If you can use an iPad, you can easily operate the CRYSTAL system. No previous knowledge or training required. You can dive right in, effortless and fearless. It’s actually fun!
What are the best features?
I love the manual section, as this is what frustrates people most; not knowing what you have to do and how. The checklists and the manuals don’t leave any questions unanswered and turn your working day into a smooth operation. The best thing is that it is super convenient. It can be installed on unlimited devices on board and you identify yourself simply with your login. That makes it a positive and effective tool setting the highest standard. It should be mandatory for luxury yachts.

"I love the manual section, as this is what frustrates people most; not knowing what you have to do and how."

How does the app compare to other software?
I can only compare it to hotel/ front desk software, which isn’t nearly as good as this app. The best thing about it is the fact that it is based on iOS. It ensures a very fast and smooth response without hiccups. I find it utterly frustrating when systems don’t work or limit users just when you need it most.
If you could change or add one thing about the app what would it be?
I wouldn’t change anything as such but I believe it is important to be very flexible in terms of additions and changes to inventories and to have a great support team. We know yachting isn’t black and white and everybody has got other needs and requirements.
Would you recommend the app to a friend?
I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, CRYSTAL to management companies and superiors and can’t wait to finally have it installed and start working with it. It’s an amazing invention with many more cool features to come.


Visit the CRYSTAL website.

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