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OmniAccess Summer Promo 2017: Buy 2 get 1 FREE!

Add 2Mbps CIR on your downstream and we will give you 1Mbps for FREE! As an additional bonus for our exclusive loyal clients we will also add this upgraded bandwidth to your MIR downstream for FREE. …

Press Releases 26 Jul 2017

AFECO – waste management experts

Waste management experts As the most luxurious vessels in the world, superyachts often represent the best that many different industries have to offer. Everything from the exterior to the internal subsystems is bespoke and expertly designed and manu…

Press Releases 25 Jul 2017

Tech solutions to yachts dumping water in port

In port wastewater dumping – what’s the solution? Two different types of wastewater are created on board vessels: black water and grey water. Both types of wastewater can damage ecosystems if discharged into aquatic environments…

Press Releases 25 Jul 2017

Press Releases 26 Jul 2017

Press Releases 25 Jul 2017

Press Releases 25 Jul 2017

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