On board MY Kamalaya we run three tenders: a stern drive, a jet drive and a Wajer & Wajer Osprey 38 with a Volvo IPS600 system. With such a widely different selection of tenders, we are pretty much equipped for all eventualities.

Wajer & Wajer Osprey 38

The Osprey is probably the single coolest tender that I have ever encountered in my 26 years in the industry. It is rugged with superb naval architecture, the guests love it, the owner loves it and the crew love it. The wow factor is off the scale - it is a head turner wherever we go. At 42 knots you can sit in the back, on the seating over the engine bay and have a normal conversation.

Dealing with an IPS system can be a challenge - the Volvo technician out in the Caribbean that had to deal with our 50 hour inspection to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty was, to put it politely, stumped by the entire package. It was quite obvious that he had never seen anything like it before. Attempting a repair on the system in a remote location would be challenging.

The Osprey 38 meets all of my most important requirements of what makes a good tender except for the ease of maintenance. It is a high tech machine that requires skilled engineers to maintain it. Thankfully the craft is of such a high quality that even a four year old boat that we chartered for three months last summer never missed a single beat.

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