There is something very special and unique about a team that makes it to the pinnacle of their game. As crewmembers on large, complex motoryachts, have you ever stopped and noticed something? The yachts with the most discerning and driven owner’s tend to have Nautical Structures' product(s) installed somewhere on their yacht. Notice the yachts around you right now. There are very specific, pin-pointed reasons that you see not only Nautical Structures davits and cranes of every shape, size and articulating function, but you will also notice their passerelles, side boarding ladders and other unique mechanical systems. You know that says so much about the yacht’s high quality standards; with a demand on a well engineered, well performing systems throughout, starting from the yacht’s inception.

As crewmembers, many of you could not see the beginning reasons for why you only see Nautical Structure’s highly engineered products on the highest quality, cared for, special yachts. As in any major sport endeavor, only practice makes perfect; practice makes the whole team function at a much higher quality output and always brings astounding results. These are the same reasons that quality owners and the quality minded shipyards demand this same dedication and follow through with their vendors and suppliers. Discerning yacht owners and shipyards understand this and understand where true cost effective value is derived from; practice and outstanding individual efforts. When you see a high quality yacht it invariably has high quality products, high quality execution of systems and high quality components, staffed by exceptional crew.

As a build project manager for many years now, with many different construction project experiences in different parts of the world, I can state first hand, time and time again, when Nautical Structures has been specified in the early phases of engineering and planning, the years of practice become evident, which translates to quality-driven yacht equipment. The davits, passerelles and side-boarding ladders I have specified, have always and consistently been high performers, created by a high performing team with an incredible track record for great service. The effort Nautical Structures puts into the development of this equipment has made my job in getting these exceptional yachts built that much easier.  For me it has been over 20 years and well over 20 individual projects since I was involved with my first 'Nautical Structures' build project, and I am still interfacing with essentially the exact same team players. This is one well-practiced team of professionals, from initial planning/engineering through fabrication, installation, to the ever so important after-sales servicing of the products.

So standing on the dock, when I see a particular yacht with distinctive Nautical Structures products on board, I already know the mind-set of the shipyard, build managers and to a great extent the ‘team work’ that was called upon during the construction on this very fine yacht.

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