What is the service?
Penum Provisions, a new yacht provisions company with a unique online ordering platform (currently servicing the Cote d'Azur and also the Caribbean as of this winter 2014).

How did you hear about the service?
Simon and Kirstie came past the boat while we where in the shipyard to promote Penum.

Ease of initiating use of the service (contacting the provisioners for the first order):
The first order went very well. It took a little time to get used to the online ordering system, but after a while the orders flowed.

Ease of general use of the service:
The online system is great and with the back up of the team at Penum, getting answers to questions is easy and efficient.

Any stand-out or problematic aspects of the service:
One of the biggest bonuses of using Penum is the fact that when the order arrives there is no or very little packaging or garbage to contend with. When you have minimal time to get a stores order from the quayside onto a vessel or tender, not to have to spend 20 minutes disposing of boxes and packaging is fantastic. Plus I like that fact that Penum deals in eco-packaging when shipping and is conscious of the impact that these multi-billion dollar vessels have on our environment.

The stores turn up in an organised fashion, are of great quality and if the quality is not there at the market then it doesn't make its way to you.

Any recommendations for changes/amendments to the service:
Thus far the service from Penum has been top notch. As a new company they seem to be doing things right. No complaints here.

Would you recommend the service to a colleague?
I have already and I will continue to do so.

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