US, Miami. Luxury yachting brand VanDutch has announced that it will be producing a high performance electric tender. The VanDutch E will be made in partnership with Aguri Technologies, a division of Aguri Racing, the company behind the Amlin-Aguri Formular E team.

“Our approach is not just solely centered on design, engineering and manufacturing,” says Anko Mast, CEO of VanDutch. “It is also centered on creativity, innovation and sustainability.”

VanDutch is a brand that takes pride in being at the forefront of innovation, and it is widely accepted within transport industries that “going ‘E’ is the next generation of technology” as Nick Cardoza, vice president of VanDutch Miami put it. The superyacht industry and indeed most industries have relied on fossil fuels for far too long, and for an industry that is often hailed as ‘conservative’, it is refreshing to see more and more major market players embracing environmental and progressive sensibility.

“The driving force behind going E is the environment, which is especially important in our fragile marine ecosystem,” continues Cardoza. “By eliminating the need to burn fossil fuels, we are eliminating not only CO2 emissions but also the risk of spillages in our waterways.” While his notion is a romantic one, Cardoza’s sense of responsibility remains punctuated by the reality of business. Readily admitting that with green technology also comes the benefit of cost efficiency for the consumer which translates into business for the producer.

“Our philosophy is to use cutting-edge battery technology to keep costs down and to deliver a noise-free, vibration-free and high-speed boating experience never before seen on a luxury yacht.”

It is in the area of battery technology that previous attempts to remove the necessity of fossil fuels has fallen short, and it is in this area that the partnership with Aguri Technologies has truly borne fruit. “Leveraging Aguri’s extensive knowledge and network has been the door opener and key to innovation,” credits Cardoza.

VanDutch 40

While stepping out from underneath the cloud of fossil fuels highlights a desire to lock horns with traditional superyachting conservatism, unsurprisingly – and entirely fairly – a shroud of secrecy still covers the details of the project. What can be revealed is that the design will be based on the VanDutch 40 and energy will be developed through a number of regenerative systems covering heat exchange, solar and water drag. VanDutch also hopes to implement the technology premiered within the VanDutch E across its existing range and future products.

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