Döttling, the German safe and collection room specialist has revealed its smallest collection room to date. In some instances of superyacht ownership a floating holiday home becomes a floating home. Used by owners both commercially and privately it stands to reason that those items most precious to them remain protected and close at hand. With space management central to a successful new build, the prospect of a spatially efficient, secure collection room is an attractive one.

At ninety-seven square feet the new collection room is fully fortified with Döttling high-security access: an aramid fibre-filled security door with a steel core and multiple locks. The walls and ceilings additionally feature contact microphones that register minute vibrations within the room. Taking inspiration from a trick as old as secret rooms themselves, the collectors room is disguised to look like the original wood panelling of the wall. Access is gained by means of a hidden finger print scanner.

When access is granted to the collectors room and the door swings open, the lighting inside fades in slowly from the coffered ceiling to adopt the correct levels for displaying collectable items. Inside there are areas for ladies and gentlemen’s items. Jewellery can be safely secured and presented in draws, on shelves and on specialist devices for less common items. In total there is space for more than 500 watches and an assortment of precious items, and in the gentlemen’s section you will find 24 precision watch winders.

Döttlings smallest collectors room

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