Oculus Technologies will be showcasing its YachtEye product through a number of its affiliates at METS. It’s Puck Control will be on display at the Veritais and Van Berge Henegouwen stands, while the Interactive Engineroom and touchscreens will be displayed by Ideaworks and De Keizer Marine Engineering.

The newly developed wireless Puck Control makes the YachtEye system interactive. Available as an upgrade to any YachtEye system, existing or new, it gives guests the freedom to control their onscreen interface.

Adding the Puck facilitates the control any of the YachtEye software features, including full map interaction. It's an intuitive device, which does not require any configurations made to the yacht's control system, interior or cabling.

Puck | Intuitive Remote for YachtEye from Oculus Technologies on Vimeo.

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