Global sat comms provider, NSSLGlobal have announced a free upgrade on their network return speeds. The advancements will be offered to all NSSLGlobal customers on standard and premium packages.

Standard packages will upgrade from 1Mb/256k to 1Mb/384k, while the premium package doubles from 4Mb/512k to 4Mb/1Mb.

“The introduction of ACM will provide our customers with a noticeable improvement in speed and quality of service; but at no extra cost. At NSSLGlobal we understand our customer needs and pride ourselves in supplying them the latest DVB technology,” said Sally-Anne Ray, COO at NSSLGlobal.

The company cited the rise of cloud computing, the prevalence of Tablets and Smartphones and the need for sending data via sites such as WeTransfer, as factors that prompted the offer.

Smartphone users can get a free upgrade on network return speeds

The company recently introduced new network improvements via ACM (Adaptive Coding Modulation). Combined with the new DVB-RCS2 standard across VSAT network hubs, provides enhanced 2-way satellite link efficiencies as well as reduced impact from Rain Fade.

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