What do yacht designers do in their spare time? If you’re Rob Armstrong, a digital artist and designer at Ken Freivokh Design, you create toy yachts. It’s not often that 3D modelling presents an opportunity for fun, but after an accident with the scale button on one of his day-job projects, the idea for My First Super-Yacht emerged. The cute range of toys is based on three real superyachts—Maltese Falcon, A and the WallyPower 118—that have influenced the designer’s more serious work. Armstrong took the salient features that define these iconic yachts and morphed them into prototypes that resemble the anthropomorphic automobiles in the Disney-Pixar movie Cars.

“They are purely in the concept stage of development having been sketched, modelled and digitally rendered,” says the young designer. “I’m currently investigating the process of toy manufacturing, which is seemingly just as complicated as building a superyacht! Hopefully they will put a smile on a few readers’ faces—if only I could have them made by Christmas.”

So if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the yacht owner who has everything, or simply want to replace that boring rubber duck in the bathtub, look no further —but if you want one now, you’ll have to own a toy factory. What’s next? After Cars and the spin-off Planes, why not Yachts the movie?