Two companies at the Monaco Yacht Show each revealed new products whose strength lies in their ability to provide a simplified interface for yacht owners, captains and guests to interact with the digital information they most need.

MTN, the global satellite broadband provider showcased its Maestro system, which optimises bandwidth by combining networks through a single provider and a simplified interface, allowing captains and ETOs to manage their yacht's data networks via a custom interface developed entirely in-house by MTN technicians.

"Captains and ETOs now have one powerful solution that substantially optimises network performance, brings the power of multiple networks and allows for easy management," said Derik Wagner, managing director of MTN's yachting business. "MTN Maestro is a comprehensive solution that will fully scale with the ever-growing Internet of Things.”

MTN's Maestro Conductor interface makes life easier for Captains and ETOs and delivers optimised bandwidth to superyacht owners and their guests

One of Maestro's first on board content partners is Plejd, a business started by the former ETO of Eclipse, who has developed a photo and video sharing system aboard yachts that knows where the user is aboard the vessel and interfaces with Maestro.

Wagner said more partners would be announced in the future, but that the whole idea of MTN's Meastro was to ensure that the company's broadband clients received the highest quality of service possible by managing various offerings into a single system that was easily manageable.

Elsewhere at the show, the global navigation technology firm Transas unveiled its T-Bridge system, which brings together various companies' digital data and display information into a single user interface.

Transas' T-Bridge system integrates navigational data from a wide range of companies into a single, customiseable user interface

The company is working with partners in sonar, radar, digital charting, and various other streams of navigational and safety data to get all systems to work together in a single, customiseable interface.

"This is just the very beginning of what you can expect from Transas," said Christopher Schroeder, the company's superyacht business development manager.

Both Transas and MTN saw the opportunity to take the lead on providing a single, reliable and easy-to-use system for managing navigational data (Transas) and owner and guest data (MTN).

Plejd's entertainment system for superyachts is built from the ground up based on extensive ETO experience aboard yachts like Eclipse and Pelrous

It's a move that relieves individual companies—like FarSounder and Raymarine in the navigational space, and Plejd in the entertainment space—from the burden of creating individual management systems for their products.

Integration of this kind also relieves the burden from ETOs and captains of managing totally different systems from each company, thereby making the job of navigating and managing on board data easier.

It's a trend we expect to see continue.

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