MTN Communications has announced the launch of “MTN UltraBurst” in time for the 2015 Mediterranean season. MTN UltraBurst delivers an on-demand, consumption-based, high-throughput Ku-band connectivity solution. The satellite bandwidth ‘burst ability’ of this service is ideal for streaming content and media to user devices and systems on board superyachts.

During the Mediterranean season, superyacht owners and charterers across the region witness a large influx of on board personnel. This sizeable increase in data consumers can cause a phenomenon known as bandwidth bottlenecks. Bottlenecks occur when vast numbers of guests, crew, and technical staff struggle to use the regular bandwidth provided. Increased demand for online data may lead to network limitations such as decreased download and usage speeds as a result of data packets failing to reach their destinations in a timely fashion.

MTN UltraBurst provides a service whereby - using current on board satellite technology (Ku-band), in conjunction with the MTN Maestro app and MTN Conductor - yacht captains and electronic technical officers (ETO’s) are able to increase the available bandwidth on board and select which devices have access to the superior network. As an on-demand consumption-based service that utilises current satellite systems, UltraBurst customers pay up-front to access additional bandwidth whenever they require it. By tracking consumption via the MTN conductor app the owner is made aware of how much bandwidth is being consumed, how much more is required, or how to manage network devices accordingly and reserve bandwidth. UltraBurst creates the capacity for owners, guests and vital on board systems to benefit from improved broadband speeds. The intuitive user interface of the MTN Conductor makes managing the network devices as simple as a swipe or a click.

MTN Conductor

“We are able to introduce these levels of control and on-demand speeds because we directly own, manage and operate the industry’s most powerful communications and content delivery network,” said Derik Wagner, managing director of yacht services at MTN.  “This is one more service from our technological toolkit designed to exceed the needs of the world’s most bandwidth-intensive superyachts. It also extends our ability to offer on-demand, consumption-based plans in yet another maritime market.  This model provides the most flexibility, while delivering the fastest speeds, at the best value and price, where customers pay only for what they use.”

MTN has accommodated for a bandwidth usage increase of over 200 per cent in the Mediterranean over the past two years. The UltraBurst system has been designed to consolidate the needs of customers who require sporadic bandwidth increases at short notice, but who also wish to maintain their regular payment plans.

MTN are sponsoring the Global Superyacht Forum, held from 16-18 November in Amsterdam.

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