When discussing superyacht interiors, emphasis tends to be placed on the bigger picture—bespoke furniture, eye-catching artworks, beautiful materials, rugs and the scheme in general—but look closer and there are plenty of smaller details in play, without which the interior would feel incomplete. In Q16's Mood Board, SuperyachtDesign explores these finishing touches on board yachts. Johanthan Fawcett tells us about their bed linen collection for superyachts, Waves.

Everybody does lines on bed linen and we wanted to come up with a different take on this. We latched on to this idea of waves. My feeling is that with bed linen on superyachts they want something special but they don’t want it to clash with the design. Everything that is done needs to be subtle and sympathetic. That can often lead to the towels and bed linen being quite plain. The secret is to find a subtle way of introducing detailing and colour. Interior design on yachts tends to be quite orderly and minimal so we wanted to create something interesting but not over-the-top. We came up with this wave idea as a way to create a regular, pattern that is subtle but decorative with a nautical edge.

Jonathan Fawcett draw the concept first and then run samples.

We always draw the concept first and then run some samples here in our sampling room. You really do have to make it up to check it really works in practice: is it better with one shade of blue or two etc. It is a constantly evolving process. We are also investigating printing direct onto the linen with some fabric companies in Italy so that we can create accent pieces to go with the subtler embroidered wave pieces. There are also complimenting towels with a different, more classically linear pattern—you don’t want everything to be matching as it can be overkill. With this design, as with all our concepts, it is more of a jumping off point for designers. We work with them to adapt it to fit in with their interior scheme and wishes, so it is all very flexible.

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