A new version of the MaxSea TimeZero App for iPad has been launched. Version 2.0 includes a range of new features that will aid tablet-controlled coastal navigation.

MaxSea TimeZero is a marine navigation application for iPad that provides real time positioning using the iPad internal GPS system or external instruments. TimeZero also produces up-to-date 2D and 3D chart information, the weather and its daily trends as well as tides and the tidal currents for the day.

Beyond the standard features, TimeZero comes with a number of extras and purchasable in-app add-ons. Patented PhotoFusion technology allows the user – within certain areas – to overlay their chart data with satellite images to give a truer and more accurate representation of the surrounding landscape.

Furuno DRS4W radar compatibility is available for TimeZero through the App Store. Access to the Furuno 1st Watch Wireless radar system allows the user to overlay radar images on top of navigational charts in real-time. A further in-app purchase will make the software compatible with automatic identification system software (AIS) through a wireless connection to any available NMEA 0183 AIS receiver as well as depth, heading and sea surface temperature information through the same network.

Lastly, a share feature makes it possible to share your location with your friends and view where they are in return. Positions are only shared after an invitation has been sent and accepted.

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