The art of passementerie, or trimming, is one that is easy to overlook when coming up with an interior scheme but is one of those essential finishing touches that can take an interior to the next level. Samuel & Sons, a leading distributor of high end trimming has long been providing tassels, borders, braids, fringes and more to high-end interior designers and at last month's Focus 13 at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour it launched its newest collection, Lumiere.

Inspired by reflective surfaces and the way they pay with light, the collection is made up from 10 luminous colours in contemporary patterns. "The collection evolved from studying how reflective materials such as metallic fibres influence the colour of matte yarns when woven together or placed side by side," explains Michael Cohen, president of Samuel & Sons. "Our design studio experimented with different proportions of fibre and the impact of their reflectivity under various light sources until arriving at the most aesthetically pleasing balance."

Featuring metallic bases, glass beads and satins, Lumiere contrasts neutrals with deeper tones, for example platinum with burgundy, or burnished gold with cocoa.

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