AkzoNobel Yacht Coatings is showing Intersleek Pro, a unique, biocide-free, foul-release hull coating from the International product range at METS 2014. Available throughout Europe, Intersleek Pro is well-suited for sail or power yachts, and delivers superior foul-release capabilities for hulls and propellers, while achieving a smooth, glossy finish at the waterline.

Intersleek Pro produces a finish that makes it difficult for fouling organisms to tightly adhere to the surface, thus creating a low-energy surface for easy removal of fouling. With regular use and a proper cleaning routine, an Intersleek Pro system can remain effective for several years. Additionally, due to the smooth surface provided by Intersleek Pro, there is reduced drag, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, helping boat owners to save on fuel costs.

In feedback, boat owners testing Intersleek Pro commented on improved speed and responsiveness, increased fuel efficiency and reduced engine load.

Feedback has included Eric Jeuring, co-owner of J24 of ‘De Randmeren zeilschool en bootverhuur’: “The first impression of Intersleek Pro is downright good – the boat is shiny and looks very neat underwater and seems more responsive to small changes in the wind and accelerates smoothly; the crew is very positive… We are very pleased to report that we have since won the Open Dutch Championship with J24 and Intersleek Pro which is not only durable and beautiful but also helps us beat the competition when racing.”

The three-part Intersleek Pro system comprises an epoxy primer, tie coat, and fluoropolymer finish coat, designed for professional application. Available in three high gloss, bright colours – White, Blue and Black.

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