Pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) may not be a medicinal therapy that many have heard of, or indeed currently endorse, but there are those who swear by it. According to EMPpad, by simply lying on a pad connected to an Android tablet for eight minutes, twice a day, you can speed up recovery, boost performance and reduce stress.

With the competitive sailing season earning a more competitive and rigorous reputation by the year its no surprise that those involved - like any professional or high-level athlete competing regularly - would search for a therapy to aid in reducing and preventing many of the injuries or difficulties they encounter.

EMPad claims that its product, the Omnium1, has the ability to provide ‘natural pain relief, improved circulation to tissues, improved tissue repair and regeneration and improved tissue detoxification’. Essentially, all your injury woes soothed and condensed into two eight-minute lie-downs.

The EMPpad Omnium1 consists of a pad that you lie on, through which the PEMF is delivered and an Android tablet that sends the signals to the pad. It also contains all the usual tablet features; Internet access, applications etc.

An EMPpad representative, Samuel Maddock, commented, “Never before had there been such scope for sailors to get to grips with their health like that offered by EMPpad Omnium1. There are many personalised health products on the market that will monitor your health, but the EMPpad Omnium1 also provides a solution, being able to treat the cells in your body and improve sailors’ health and wellbeing.”

It is hard not to be cynical – explanations of how the technology works lack a scientific core and appear more akin to lay line theories than medicine.

PEMF is a method of delivering an electromagnetic pulse to your cells. According to EMPpad, sending a weak electromagnetic pulse that mimics ‘the intensity and frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field’ can not only reduce risk of injury and hasten the healing process, but it can also fight stress, depression and sleep deprivation.

Indeed, when searching Google with a number of loaded questions, ‘PEMF fact or fiction?’ or ‘PEMF pseudo science?’ – However, there were actually anumber of articles that cited medical approval and instances of PEMF technology immeasurably helping people.

There is though, plenty of literature that pertains to ignorance. PEMF has, in some way shape or form, been around since the 1900s And still doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and researchers don’t really know how it works. But it does.

Cynicism in check, PEMF technology is a case of ‘why not?’ for those who aren’t short of disposable income. If you can stomach the pseudo-scientific language and accept that the system currently works without adequate scientific explanation, there are benefits to be had, and by all accounts, no damage to be done. Extensive research has been carried out on the affect of PEMF on bone repair and the results are astoundingly positive.

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