Yachts will have their latest and greatest toys on display at any show, but there’s one superyacht that’s guaranteed to have toys before any others: Oceanco’s 50.5m Lazy Z, the official innovation partner of FunAir.

“‘No’ is not a word we use. If a guest wants anything, we make it happen. We’re all about having a good time and making sure our guests feed off that vibe.” This is the ethos of Lazy Z as spoken by her captain, Tane Rewi.

When Captain Rewi joined Lazy Z, after time at the helm on motoryachts Trident, Aquarius and Majestic, he made an agreement with FunAir’s managing director, yachting and marine, John Courtney, who he had previously worked with on Majestic, that the 50.5m motoryacht would become the company’s innovation partner. “I basically said that it would be good for the yacht if we could do this and try that, and they said, ‘Well, you’ve got great ideas and we can make all of your ideas’, so I suggested a partnership to trial out the latest toys,” says Captain Rewi. In essence, Lazy Z would offer and trial FunAir’s products exclusively for a full season, feeding back to the inflatable company suggestions of improvements on existing products as well as brand-new ideas. “After trialling an inflatable, I’ll say, ‘Look, it would be better if you do X, Y and Z,” explains the captain, “and they’ll do that for the new model.”

"The crew have to be the masters because they have to be able to show the guests how to use the toys. And, obviously, the crew have a good time learning to use them." - Captain Rewi, Lazy Z

Most people agree that superyacht crew have a pretty good job – the crew of Lazy Z, however, have it one step better. “I get the crew to trial out the toys first,” explains Captain Rewi. “We’ll anchor and put up all the toys. The crew have to be the masters because they have to be able to show the guests how to use the toys. And, obviously, the crew have a good time learning to use them.” The captain is firm in his view that this unique position is an incentive for his crew, but as he explains why, it’s clear that the owners play a pretty big role too. “Whenever we get an opportunity to play with the inflatables, the deck crew, but the girls especially, are out there straightaway. We’ve got really nice owners who, when they’re on board, let the crew use the toys every day,” says Captain Rewi. “Obviously, the crew don’t stop the guests from doing anything, but when the crew are on a break it’s cool, they can jump off the boat and use the inflatables. It’s ‘family style’. The owners love seeing the crew having fun.”

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