Lantic Entertainment Systems has announced a major system software update for its integrated entertainment / IT systems.

Firstly, is the new movie subscription service from the Lantic software suite 2.8. Launched today, the new platform allows for a high degree of automation that is said to greatly speed up the process for software testing. It has also been adapted to support most movie formats, making the source unimportant.

Other new services include support for Russian keyboards and a comprehensive update to the function permitting users to upload their own movie files to the system. This allows them to view films that they have made on their phones, tablets or camcorders on the yacht’s big screens.

“The pace of software development in the audio-visual sector continues to be as dynamic as ever,” commented Lantic’s Peter Bouman. “The challenge remains that of delivering ever greater functionality and cross-platform compatibility, while at the same time making the operating system even more intuitive and simple to operate. Software development for cutting edge systems such as those made by Lantic is a never ending process; as soon as we have released one update we begin work on the next.”

The Apple remote control app has been enhanced under the systems upgrade

Amongst the upgrades, users will also notice the enhancements to the Apple remote control app, the now universal crew call icon embedded across all the interface options and the new satellite tuner control, a more advanced so called “box control”.

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