Lamellux is a unique collection of panels constructed from wood fused with resin and panels carved from solid wood. The Lamellux collection includes two ranges of panels, Wood & Resin and Carved Wood, which can be used for walls and furniture, with unlimited custom options and striking results.

Wood & Resin’s ‘Quertec’, ‘Vibrato’ and ‘Inclusion’ panels fuse translucent or opaque resins in various colours with exotic and more traditional wood species. When paired with natural light or LED lighting, the translucent and colourfully vibrant cast resins create luminescent effects.

The unusual Carved Wood range of panels is effortlessly modern, blending old-world techniques with the latest in technology to capture the suggestion of movement through dynamic patterns. Manufactured from solid wood, the ‘Empreinte’ panels are textured and rustic and available with a variety of finishes including ceruse, patina and sandblasted. In contrast, the ‘Lumine’ flat panels incorporate a patented process embedding fibre optics into the solid wood. They are also available perforated for effects of natural light.

Lamellux has been installed on several yachts, including Bannenberg & Rowell's Elandess (as seen in accompanying image) and Baglietto's Ancora as well as a yacht by Lurssen and one by Benetti. The company will work with designers to create custom wood and resin colour combinations as well as custom ornamental patterns.

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