Spotted by SuperyachtDesign at 100% Design in September, La Seóra is an intriguing new take on the traditional hammock. Taking inspiration from two of Miami’s primary cultures, American and Latino, La Seóra is an ergonomic hybrid between a hammock, a chaise longue and an armchair.

Designed by Athens-born Anthony Logothetis, the classic version of La Seóra is made from high quality marine plywood and assembled with stainless steel fixings. The beams are designed to prevent your back from slouching and relieve back strain, a frequent drawback of conventional hammocks made of fabric or net. Integrated armrests can fold out and the lower footrest can be adjusted according to your height for comfort. La Seora's stainless steel stand can be quickly disassembled into three pieces for easy storage. The beams will also be available in UV protected weather and scratch proof polycarbonate from 2013.

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