UK, London. Quintessentially British furniture brand Davidson has recently launched three convex mirror designs. The Talisman, Neptune and Juniper mirror’s all showcase the ranges central theme of, ‘juxtaposed antiquity’. spoke with Richard Davidson, chairman and founder of Davidson, about the collections inspirations and intricacies.

“Juxtaposed antiquity was the core theme behind our new range of mirrors,” starts Davidson. “Our design team took various styles, themes and crafts from different periods and merged them with the contemporary to create unique pieces with a classic feel.”


Inspired by the Ancient Greeks 19th century Italian neoclassical derivative, the Talisman Mirror “Was designed to take the ideals of classic craftsmanship and antiquity and forge them into a contemporary piece” explains Davidson. This item has a large hand-carved frame with a stepped bezel from which the 20 carved wave profiles and 20 spear points protrude in a classic sunburst design. “The Talisman Mirror has been hand gilded in contrasting areas of burnished and matte white gold leaf,” continues Davidson.


Gilt items are a stalwart for Davidson and the process is common throughout its collections. “The [gilding] principle continues with the Neptune mirror with its exaggerated Regency inspired design. The classic gilded spheres combined with the sleek elegance of the high gloss black lacquer frame create a unique fusion,” describes Davidson. Neptune’s 16 yellow gold gilt spheres are reflected in its convex mirror producing a beautiful reflection and adding a sense of depth.


“Finally the Juniper mirror reverses the thematic combination by taking the style of 1950’s modernism and using a truly classic technique of wood turning to create elegant spokes finished in our sycamore black finish,” explains Davidson. The central convex mirror is surrounded by 40 turned spokes that overlap the mirrored surface.

Each custom made convex mirror in the collection is hand silvered.

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