Since its relaunch, The Crew Report has been dedicated to providing candid journalism about the state of the crew industry and issue 66 is out and full of honest accounts and opinions from the industry.

The first of such is expressed in our captains’ section where five superyacht captains discuss the issue of unfair dismissal that exists in our industry. After hearing that large number of senior crew have experienced it first hand or, at the least, seen it happen to a colleague, unfair dismissal is still taking place in the crew industry. We ask these captains: why is unfair dismissal still a problem in our industry and what needs to be done about it?

Another unwelcome issue in the industry is the problem of petty theft. There is inevitably a great deal of wealth in the superyacht industry and crew find themselves surrounded by expensive and valuable luxury items – and sometimes they go missing. Issue 66 of The Crew Report asks four superyacht captains to share their experiences of petty theft and their opinions on what can be done to prevent it.

Since the ratification of the MLC, the requirements for hours of work and rest have been brought under the spotlight due to concerns surrounding their suitability for the charter industry. With the implementation date now behind us, one article in this issue sets out to fathom exactly how the flag states, management companies and crew will tackle this legislation.

Captain Mike Conquest of Golden Eagle details the importance of the captain-owner relationship

In further developments in legislation, all crewmembers (as of 31 August, 2013) sitting management-level exams in the deck and engineering departments now have to undertake Human Element Leadership and Management training, otherwise known as HELM. While some industry professionals are praising the training amid criticism of today’s senior crew, others are critical of its classroom-based setting. We hear two senior crewmembers’ differing opinions on this now-mandatory training.
Crew are sometimes forgotten in the design and build stage of a superyacht, which can have damaging effects in the form of on-board cohesion and crew longevity. The issue also hears from Billy Smith, vice-resident of Trinity Yachts, about the need for crew to step up to the drawing board in the shipyard.

Issue 66 looks at the importance of utilising a plethora of weather systems for a safe passage. Credit: Navimeteo

More hard-hitting features are packed into this issue: an interview with Captain Mike Conquest of Golden Eagle discusses the beneficial relationship that can be achieved between captain and owner; we examine whether requirements becoming increasing barrier to finding a job; ISS President Ken Hickling examines what we can do to improve safety culture; weather services provider Navimeteo tells us why captains should be using a plethora of technology to ensure safe passages; Laurence Lewis of YPI Crew calls captains to demand more from the recruitment sector; and we hear from the uniform sector about the evolution of the uniform process for chief stewardesses

Issue 66 of The Crew Report will be on its way to superyacht crew all around the world this week. To view or download a copy of the issue online please click here.

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