Intellian has launched its new x60 terminal which has been specifically designed to deliver efficient high-speed broadband operation on Inmarsat’s Ka-band Global Xpress (GX) service, which comes into service later this year.

To complement the 65cm x60 antenna, the GX Below Deck Unit (BDU) combines the internal modem with the antenna control unit. This saves considerable time during installation and uses less space than separated elements. The BDU also includes WiFi to allow wireless connection of various devices onboard. Users also benefit from eight network ports.

The x60 uses the dedicated Intellian Aptus software for system control and monitoring. Aptus software automatically configures the antenna system that enables 'one-touch commissioning'. Aptus is also available as a mobile app for greater accessibility to the terminal wherever the operator is located.

The Intellian x60 features a Gyro-free satellite search function that enables it to acquire and lock onto the satellite without requiring a separate input from the ship’s gyrocompass, further simplifying the installation process.

The x60 also supports automatic satellite and beam switching for seamless coverage when crossing from one satellite coverage region to another. In addition, the x60 supports a low elevation angle (-20°) capability to guarantee reliable connectivity even at high latitudes.

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