Intellian has announced the launch of a new ACU (Antenna Control Unit) with an integrated Fiber Link module, simplifying installation and providing even greater performance for its VSAT antennas. The new ACU offers a single fiber optic cable solution which replaces multiple coaxial cables between the ACU and the antenna.

The new 19 inch (48.26 cm) ACU is designed specifically for usage with the Intellian v100, v100GX, and v240M VSAT systems which use an AC power supply direct to the antenna. Negating the need for a separate below deck unit, the new ACU and the Fiber Link BDU (Below Deck Unit) are combined in one unit with a single fiber optic cable replacing the TX and RX cables. Installation is therefore considerably easier, faster and more efficient, and the single cable is lighter and allows for longer cable runs. An additional small unit is installed into the antenna to convert the fiber optic signal back to RF signals.

The Intellian Fiber Link combines the RF signals into a single cable which provides virtually no signal loss. In fact, when tested the Fiber Link cable had no signal loss over a significant 2km cable run. The system also eliminates any possible cable interference with other electronics on board.

Intellian Fiber Link was launched last year to bring enhanced reliability of VSAT connection and TV reception with a single fiber optic cable that connects the antenna to the Below Deck Unit. With the launch of the new ACU with integrated Fiber Link module, Intellian further advances its antenna technology to offer even more reliability to yachts around the world.

Intellian antenna systems are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the company’s industry-leading standards for vibration and extreme shock in all sea states and weather conditions. Meet the Intellian team at stand 01.112 during METS 2014 for more information.

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