Spanish-based clinical medical device manufacturer, Imaxdi Real Innovation has introduced the mBEAT mobile electrocardiogram system to the superyacht market. The mobile mBEAT model, which is palm sized, allows for information to be sent ashore instantly so that a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis.

Data is sent securely via a smartphone or tablet to the nominated cardiologist, anywhere in the world, via 3G/4G connection when close to shore, or VSAT when at sea.

Outlining the benefits of such a device, an Imaxdi statement read:

The advantages are countless, since a diagnosis is possible just as efficiently as it is in a hospital, but in a more agile, fast and easy way. Thus, in the case of yachts, if the occupant of a vessel is not feeling well, with mBEAT a qualified medic can tell you in real time if your heart if suffering any issue that requires rapid medical intervention, like being transferred to land. Or, if it’s a false alarm, you can relax and continue your journey.

For the treatment of heart disease, time is vital, to the point that for every minute extra that a diagnosis is anticipated, [the chances of survival increase].

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