This is the first and last galley mixer you will ever need to buy.

Are you tired of just settling for what's already in your galley? Or if you’re like me, very sick and tired of having to replace your KitchenAid or any other brand name stand-up mixer right in the middle of the season? Or, worse, in the middle of a charter at anchor stuck in the middle of beautiful nowhere? Then I have the solution for you.

In my 30-year career of being a chef I have not found a better stand- up mixer than Hobart. As far as I am concerned, this Ohio-based USA company is the authority on and great grandfather to all mixers.

If you have worked anywhere professionally you will know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven’t had one then your pastry chef must have arms twice the size of Popeye’s, or a massive headache from always working without the right piece of kit.

I've been writing about galleys and the best equipment for years now, and one thing I keep on telling chefs in this industry is to never settle for mediocrity. As yachts chefs we know this situation all to well – especially the freelance yacht chef, who constantly has to deal with this below-standard galley and/or the equipment within it.
The Hobart that I have is the N50 mixer series. It cost me $2,800 (shipping additional). These mixers on average last about 20-plus years.

The issue that you find with the KitchenAid or other brands is the inside gear is made of plastic. So after a couple of seasons it just can't take it anymore and the gears get striped. It's game over after that,not to mention about 600 euros down the drain. These other brands are not built for the abuse we put them through. They’re more for home cooking.

I found that Hobart did a smaller restaurant version that fits perfectly on my galley counter, all built with the same strength and reliability as the big ones I used to use on land.

On a weekly average my menu will include bread, pasta, grinding meat or beans for falafel, cakes, mousse, cookies, batters and crushing lobster shells with the paddle attachment for a proper lobster bisque. This is what my KitchenAid used to go through. So this is how I ended up acquiring my Hobart N50; I did the maths and discovered that over the past four years I had replaced three mixers already. With a little research I found that Hobart did a smaller restaurant version that fits perfectly on my galley counter, all built with the same strength and reliability as the big ones I used to use on land. Hobart also has a mid-size range, and larger if you happen to be on that 90m-plus range with a galley that can fit one.

On a final note, I still have my KitchenAid. I keep her for lighter work but all my breads or hard dough go into my wonderful Hobart. One of the best feelings is knowing that even when I'm long-gone from a life of yachting, she will still be in the galley cranking away and turning out some of the most incredible edible treats money can buy.

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