As yachts continue to grow in size, so does the exterior surface area which requires regular cleaning and upkeep.

If you are lucky, your vessel is equipped with a suitable sail track system to aid in washing down, but there often remains many areas that are hard to reach or present a hazard to the crew (hanging over the quayside) - enter the HiFlo nLite Water Fed Pole system from Unger.

Although not originally designed for the yachting industry (the company specialises in industrial cleaning), I have used the HiFlo nLite system to great success on both a 90m+ and 150m+ yacht and remain quite pleased with Unger’s product.

The simplistic carbon design allows you to reach a large area of the superstructure from the quayside in a short amount of time. Plus, the poles are very manageable for one person.

Coming in various lengths and with the ability to add additional extensions, the poles mean you are able to reach 9m.  The various configurations are quite adaptable and make for a very easy-to-use product.

The available brushes are of a soft polyester and do not damage paintwork. It is also quite nice having the free-flowing water and the pole system is easy to connect to your hoses with Gardena fittings.

I am glad that I purchased this product for my current vessel and will most definitely be purchasing the HiFlo system for the next yacht!

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