As yacht chefs it is one of our main responsibilities to stay ahead of the food trends of today’s ever shifting food fads and diets that come knocking at our galley door. Juicing has to be in the top five food fads lately. It has exploded on the scene and is gaining ground daily. I wont waist your time trying to explain the incredible health benefits from drinking a cup of this nutrient- and vitamin-packed juice daily. This article is about having the best juicer in your galley.

The Organic Movement continues to make headway and so does the hipster healthy lifestyle of the juicer, so having the proper juicier in your galley in order to keep up with production for a busy season ahead is exactly what you will need.

When I first started yachting one of my biggest challenges while on charter was to squeeze two cups of raw beetroot juice five times a day for a 10-day charter in the Med. I will never forget it. At the time I was on a 46m Palmer Johnson. I had no room for storage at all and trying to squeeze that much juice in a day was absolutely insane, not mention the clean-up part of it as well.

We are actually talking about five pints of beetroot juice, which required about 30kg of beetroots . I was going off the boat every day trying to find fresh red beetroots and I actually had to replace two juicers in the process, since the teeth of the blades got stripped and the machine itself just couldn’t handle something as hard as beetroots. It was a nightmare. And let’s not forget that the charter guests didn’t want me to juice a daily amount in one shot, so I had to juice and clean five times a day. I still can’t see or eat a beetroot nowadays without thinking of that charter. I’m scared for life.

I even do a daily juice programme for my crew who want to enjoy the health benefits of drinking a nutrient-packed, life-changing elixir.

It almost was enough to turn me off juicing forever. Making juice on a yacht isn’t easy at all. I love drinking it but the everything involved with storing, washing, cutting and juicing, including cleaning the machine, its parts, and putting her back together, can be extremely daunting. Especially when you’re on charter with limited amount of galley space and time.

However, now I love making juice. I even do a daily juice programme for my crew who want to enjoy the health benefits of drinking a nutrient-packed, life-changing elixir. I have spent a long time trying to find the best juicer possible – something that doesn’t sound like Boeing 767 landing in my galley, easy to clean, doesn’t have a dozen parts to it and can keep up with any juice request that gets throw at me.

I do a daily special juice for my owner and/or charter guests, but you always get special requests. Sometimes I average seven different requests daily for a special juice blend in the mornings when I am on charter. Everybody wants his or her own blend, so I have to be ready for that as well.

Having the right juicer, the right size, and one that can hold up is extremely important to my galley operation. It’s become one of those pieces of equipment that I can’t live without. I also use my juicer for savory and sweet purposes –could never make my carrot or asparagus ice cream and my dehydrated beetroot powder without a juicer. It’s become a galley standard in my opinion. This is why having the proper piece of kit is so extremely important.

After decades of juicing both on land and at sea, all while swimming through a pool of Koolatrons, Brevilles and Jack LaLanne juicers to names a few, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the best juicer I’ve come across. It’s called the Sage Nutri Juicer by Heston Blumenthal, model BJE820UK.

This sleek silver beauty of a machine has saved my yachting career time and time again. She has five different speed settings and comes with a titanium reinforced cutting blade with an extra-wide feed chute that can handle whole apples.

Just imagine a world where you don’t have to slice and dice every piece of fruit and vegetable before juicing. It saves me so much time. It also has a centered feed chute so you end up with a maximum of two per cent heat transfer, so it really maximises the nutrition you’re trying to extract.  It has a 70 per cent-plus extraction ratio. With that said, this is not a slow juicer. This magnificent beauty gets the job done fast, is easy to clean and doesn’t sound like an earthquake went off in your galley, and the titanium teeth really hold up.

As I said, I make juice for our crew daily, so when I bought this machine exactly a year ago, I was buying it with the mind-set of having to replace it at least twice –I actually bought two replacement blades just to be safe. I am pleased to tell you that after two seasons of busy charters and boss trips, and 365 days of constant non-stop daily juicing, she is still in perfect condition and hasn’t missed a beat.

If you don’t have one yet, chuck your old one out the portside window and go and buy one these before your season kicks off, and get your juice on!

Recipe for my daily ‘Hulk smash’ crew juice – serves about eight crew:
Green apple x 2
Celery bunch x 2
Parsley bunch x 1
Fresh wheat grass x 3 cups
Spirulina x 2 tablespoons
English Cucumber x 3
Kiwi x 3
Green pepper x 3
Fresh ginger, thumb-sized x 1
Lemon x 2
Fresh turmeric (small pieces) x 2
Jalapeno x 1
Baby spinach packet (pre-washed and cleaned) x 2

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