Ken Freivokh will be speaking at GSF this year

Ken Freivokh's long standing career has seen him practising as an architect, industrial designer and yacht stylist and interior designer from Peru to the US and England. Having participated in the design and styling of some of the world's most iconic yachts, most notably, 88m Perini Navi built Maltese Falcon, Freivokh will be speaking about the latest in superstructures at the Global Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam 18-20 November.

SYD: What is one of your most interesting projects/career highlights to date?

Ken Freivokh:
On an individual basis, it would have to be the Maltese Falcon project, as it gave me the opportunity to think out of the box and implement a number of ideas integrating both the external styling and the interior. A number of quite unique concepts were tabled, and I had excellent communication opportunities with the owner, who was very supportive of our original proposals. However, on a longer term basis, it would have to be our long standing work with Sunseeker – we started with them more than 20 years ago, when their largest and only flybridge boat was something called the Caribbean 53. I would like to think that we have been instrumental in helping the company grow and offer some very innovative and special interiors to establish themselves as market leaders.

SYD: What is your involvement with the superyacht industry and why do you feel it is important?

KF: For an imaginative designer, superyachts offer a unique opportunity to innovate.  There are, as yet, less constraints, regulations and limiting preconceptions than in other industries, such as car building or private jets. To some extent, it is a blank canvas, and we feel that our innovative team – with the right owner team – can produce very special solutions. It is also a comparatively young industry, where opportunities exist in a number of areas. For example, a particular interest of mine is in the development of superyacht tenders to levels of quality, reliability and design comparable to those of the mothership. During the research stages of the design for Maltese Falcon, it became evident that there simply were not adequate, stylish and reliable tenders which we could place on board. My association with Pascoe International dates from that time, and Pascoe is now able to offer a wide range of tenders which match the quality and standards of the best superyachts, in a range from 5.5m Shuttles to a variety of SOLAS rescue boats which double as everyday stylish tenders, to beachlanding tenders and open and closed very elegant and functional limousine tenders.

SYD: Why do you think events like the Global Superyacht Forum are so important?

KF: I believe it is important to stimulate dialogue and “connection” between the various constituent parts of the superyacht industry. Everyone, from paint manufacturers to upholsterers to component suppliers need to understand and embrace the opportunities to improve their products and work alongside designers and naval architects to develop unique and more appropriate solutions to the opportunities available within superyachts. Likewise, brokers, project managers, captains and yards benefit from such interaction and stimulation. Traditionally, some, particularly brokers, would tend to only look back, review what had been successful in a particular sector and then guide clients and builders in such direction. Events such as the Global Superyacht Forum may help open their eyes to the future, provide a glimpse to opportunities which may offer better solutions for their clients than just a repeat of previous projects.

SYD: What are some interesting and exciting changes you are seeing in your field at the moment?

KF: Given our interest in innovation, it is clearly the fact that more owners are prepared to consider new concepts, and accept a departure from traditional solutions. It is, however, a somewhat slower process than we would have hoped for – it is taking years from breakthrough projects such as Eco, Maltese Falcon and A to truly inspire owners and the industry in general, and hopefully such a process will accelerate!

Freivokh will deliver a presentation and then speak on a panel of design experts on Day 2, Tuesday November 19 from 17:00 - 18:30. If you have any questions you would like to submit to Freivokh or topics to be raised during this session, please contact Rebecca Curran. For full details on the programme please go to the website.

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