We have been in contact with GreenYachts for a few years as they work also on yacht refit. During one of our meetings, Mattia Massola (CEO of GreenYachts) was talking about an innovative water toy that he was going to patent and put onto the market. We followed with interest the evolution of this toy, from the first rendering to the prototype until we saw this final one. We heard a lot about the invention through the magazines and online and thanks to the connection with Mattia Massola (he is based in Genova, where we usually take our yacht off water), we could touch and test it before anyone else.

Initially we were a little worried about the ease of installation and application. A water toy to be used on board a sailing yacht like ours is quite unusual. We don’t have a high side on the water and we do not have large spaces available for the stowage. In the end we discovered that the management of the Climbing Wall on board is quite easy; two people we can handle everything. We prefer to inflate the Climbing Wall on board, on the deck at the bow, but we can do so in the water with the tender. Inflation occurs fairly quickly, about 15 minutes, but buying a more powerful inflator is possible to further reduce this time. Deflation occurs in less time, thanks to the opening of the emergency valve.

Often it happens that someone curious approaches and proposes new technical solutions or accessories for Climbing Wall. During MYS, the crew of a sailing yacht suggested to put a bell at the summit of the wall, to play when you reach the top. And we have asked the manufacturer for an anti-scratch storage bag that has special hooks to be able to hoist and move the wall more easily.

All toys and games require some organisation and commitment from the crew, but unlike others, Climbing Wall turns out to be easy to handle, light and compact, manageable by two people in less time. Whenever we install Climbing Wall, all the boats that pass nearby slow down or stop to look at it and take photographs. When guests are racing to reach the summit of the wall, we hear the cheer of the yachts all around. The green route is quite simple; even the kids can climb the paths while yellow and red are quite difficult and require time and training.

The Climbing Wall can be considered as a multi-functional toy; when not in use as the wall, it can be lying on the water, upside down and used as a large floating platform for sunbathing.

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